Electronics and Tech

  • Testable, Reusable Spacecraft (TR-1)
    A community aerospace project to create a manned Vertical Takeoff and Landing space-faring vehicle using common hardware.
  • QJ Jet Engine
    The QJ is designed to be a low-RPM jet engine that can generate enough power for a small 1 or 2 personal aircraft.

Theoretical Physics

  • Layer and Realm Hypothesis
    A hypothesis based on non-linear time and relativistic physics that posits quantum field interactions as the building blocks to the natural universe. It can be compared in part to classic multiverse theory but I plan on going further into scalar field interactions to predict signatures from known physical phenomena at both quantum and macro scales as signs of structured realms beyond anything we can currently empirically perceive. This is more of a thought experiment at the moment, but once this is more developed I will make a dedicated page.


  • Producteev for Windows
    Free desktop client for Windows. Manage your tasks on PC. This application was discontinued with Producteev v4.0 and is going to be replaced in the future by a new Windows and Linux client called Atomic.
  • Producteev API Library (
    An implementation of the API in This has ceased development to make way for a better implementation as of December 6th, 2012.


Data Analysis


  • Junkyard Jet Engine
    There’s a whole community around home-built jet engines. Here’s where I try my hand at it.